Employer Sponsored Childcare

Employer-sponsored child care is a benefit that employers can use to support their staff, build employee trust and job satisfaction. Employer-sponsored child care can help provide the needed support for working mothers and families while promoting work-life balance.

empscmum Employer Sponsored ChildcareWe offer cost-effective childcare for employees
We adopt a cost-effective plan to help support employees. We will work on a budget for your company and will ensure our programs align with the needs of your organization. Our services are specifically designed to help promote job security, trust, reduce employee turnover, and increase employee productivity.

We offer on-site and off-site childcare services
We help build on-site and off-site childcare that meets the needs of your company. We will customize your childcare and we will work with your budget. We will ensure the site is equipped with highly trained professionals and resources needed to support the school programs and curriculum.

Studies have shown that when companies support and provide childcare, employee absenteeism reduces, job turnover declines and job satisfaction increases up to 60%. Many working parents will like the employer to support and provide quality and affordable childcare.

Employer Sponsored Childcare Benefits
• Help build employee trust
• Promote work life balance
• Support for working mothers and families
• Help attract and retain talent
• Reduce employee absenteeism

Make a smart investment choice for your business by offering quality childcare for your employees. Contact us today to learn more about our services and program!

How it works
STEP 1 Request a consultation
STEP 2 We will develop a plan that meets your company needs
STEP 3 We will provide ongoing support to ensure the on-site or off-site childcare center meets the highest quality standards.

Building your childcare center

Do you already have space or looking to build from scratch? After we access your company and employee needs, we will customize your childcare space and program based on your specific needs. Our team is highly specialized in the planning and day-to-day running of your child care center. Our team specializes in building you a childcare center from scratch. We oversee the construction process so that your company doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

Refer your company. Sponsored childcare may be a fit for your company, will work with your employer to make a plan that best suits the company. Refer us today and, we will contact your workplace.

We design, develop, plan and operate your childcare program to fit your employees and company needs.

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